Baby Naming

There is nothing more precious than the birth of a child. Naming your child gives them their unique mark and identity. Most people will want to celebrate the arrival of their baby with loved ones and close family and friends and enjoy a celebration of their name.

Traditionally this would be a Christening but not everyone has a religious affiliation, or maybe the parents are of two different religious cultures and don’t want to opt for one above the other, or for some reason they don’t want to include a specific religious element. This can be for a child of any age or an adopted child.

The alternative to a Christening is a baby naming ceremony.

And that’s where I come in!

I can help you plan your naming ceremony for your child; it can be held anywhere that you choose. The ceremony is your way of welcoming your child into the love and security of your family fold and will be designed to include anything that you want for your child’s special day. You may want poems, songs, readings, prayers or symbolic references. You can involve as many people as you wish in the ceremony including brothers and sisters of the child, grandparents or chosen adults who will make promises to your child and you as god parents or supporting adults.

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